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Discover why travel insurance is important and learn about the Atlas Journey and Atlas On-The-Go insurance plans from WorldTrips.


Travel Insurance Plans from WorldTrips

Here is an overview of the Atlas Journey and Atlas On-The-Go plans from WorldTrips.

Atlas Journey

WorldTrips offers three Atlas Journey travel insurance plans at different price points:

  • Atlas Journey Premier –Atlas Journey Premier provides the highest coverage limits of the Atlas Journey plans and may be ideal for luxury trips.

  • Atlas Journey Preferred – Atlas Journey Preferred is the most popular of the Atlas Journey plans. It is frequently chosen by families due to its family-friendly pricing structure. This means children under age 18 are included at no additional cost (one child per insured adult).

  • Atlas Journey Economy – This plan is designed for customers seeking some travel benefits and some medical coverage at a budget-friendly price.

These plans are available to U.S. residents who are traveling domestically and/or abroad. All three plans include 24/7 travel assistance services, including emergency transportation services, medical assistance, pre-trip information, security assistance, concierge services, and more.

Atlas Journey Benefits

Please visit our Atlas Journey comparison page to see an overview of our Atlas Journey Premier, Atlas Journey Preferred, and Atlas Journey Economy products so you can help customers choose the plan best suited to their travel plans. This page will allow you to easily compare benefits, see highlighted features of each plan, and review covered reasons.

Atlas Journey Upgrades

Travelers can add one or more of the following upgrades to their Atlas Journey plan to customize and enhance their coverage. Note that upgrade availability varies by plan level and may vary by state of residency.

  • *Cancel for Any Reason – Choose 50% or 75% back for cancellation due to a non-covered reason
  • **Interrupt for Any Reason – Adds interruption coverage for a non-covered reason
  • Adventure Sports – Extends coverage to include sports such as safari, bungee jumping, hang gliding, & more
  • ***Primary Medical – Makes medical coverage primary, rather than excess
  • Rental Car Damage and Theft – Adds a collision damage waiver and coverage for theft of a rental vehicle
  • ****Medical Evacuation Upgrade – Doubles medical evacuation coverage and offers evacuation to the hospital of your choice
  • Pet Care – Adds cancellation coverage for the death/critical illness of your dog or cat and vet care if traveling with you
  • Baggage Upgrade – Doubles baggage coverage and makes baggage coverage primary, rather than excess
  • Rental Accommodations Protection – Adds interruption coverage if a rental is unclean/overbooked or keys are lost
  • School Activities – Adds cancellation coverage if a student is required to take a test, the school year is extended, or a sporting event is scheduled
  • Hunting and Fishing – Covers equipment and cancellation due to government restrictions
  • Destination Wedding – Adds coverage in case a destination wedding is canceled

*The Cancel for Any Reason benefit is replaced with Cancel for Fortuitous Reason in New York.
**The Interrupt for Any Reason benefit is replaced with Interrupt for Fortuitous Reason in New York.
***Medical coverage is primary for all plans in New York.
****The Medical Evacuation Upgrade is not available in New York.

Atlas On-The-Go

The Atlas On-The-Go plan from WorldTrips can provide next-day coverage if things go wrong after a traveler has left for their trip, like:

  • Needing to fly home early for a covered reason
  • The airline losing or damaging their baggage
  • A flight delay resulting in a missed connection
  • An illness or injury that requires medical treatment or evacuation

This coverage does not include a Trip Cancellation benefit and is only available to U.S. residents who have already left for a domestic or international trip or who are departing the same day they purchase coverage.

Atlas On-The-Go includes the same 24/7 travel assistance services as the Atlas Journey plans but does not offer any coverage upgrades. It may be ideal for travelers who want some medical coverage and some trip benefits but who do not need cancellation coverage.

Atlas On-The-Go Benefits

IMPORTANT NOTE: Coverage varies by state of residency. View the policy documents for a specific state to see full coverage details.

Trip Benefits
Trip Interruption Up to $1,500

Trip Interruption

Up to $1,500
Travel Delay (5 Hours or More) Up to $200 per day; $1,500 maximum

Travel Delay (5 Hours or More)

Up to $200 per day; $1,500 maximum
Baggage Delay (12 Hours or More) Up to $500

Baggage Delay (12 Hours or More)

Up to $500
Baggage Damage or Loss Up to $500 per article; $1,500 maximum

Baggage Damage or Loss

Up to $500 per article; $1,500 maximum
Policy Documents View policy documents by state of residency.

Policy Documents

Eligible expenses are subject to deductible, overall maximum limit, and are per certificate period unless specifically indicated otherwise.

Why WorldTrips

Who is insuring you is just as important as the insurance plan you choose. For the past 25 years, WorldTrips has provided travel insurance and compassionate service to help our customers travel fearlessly. Our knowledgeable customer representatives are available 24/7 to respond to your travel emergencies, no matter the situation, time zone, or spoken language.


WorldTrips' Atlas Journey, Atlas Cruiser, and Atlas On-The-Go trip protection insurance products are underwritten by Tokio Marine HCC's U.S. Specialty Insurance Company (USSIC). USSIC is a Texas-domiciled insurance company operating on an admitted basis throughout the United States. Coverage is available to U.S. residents of the U.S. states and District of Columbia only. This plan provides insurance coverage that only applies during the covered trip. You may have coverage from other sources that provides you with similar benefits but may be subject to different restrictions depending upon your other coverages. You may wish to compare the terms of this policy with your existing life, health, home, and automobile insurance policies. Coverage may not be available in all states.

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